My Blue Robot “What We Do”

My Blue Robot is a collaboration of creative talents who come together to deliver memorable work while helping clients achieve marketing goals. Our team of creative professionals offers a flexible structure that allows us to bring the right talent to every job while keeping costs in check.

Hiving: Good for Bees, Better for Business

A new trend in small business is taking flight. It’s called hiving: an organizational structure where small business owners and freelancers with complimentary services come together as needed to provide services to clients under one company name.

These hives give clients a one-stop shop experience with professional experts on their team, and the hives give individual business owners the freedom to pursue projects without the support of traditional employees and unnecessary overhead. When new business is won, the individual goes to the hive to pick the right people for the job.

This practice is getting a lot of buzz. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article touted the innovative approach that creative freelancers are bringing to delivering outstanding work to clients.

My Blue Robot was founded on the principals of hiving, long before hiving was a term. To us, it just made sense: bring the best talent to each job, eliminate overhead fees, deliver great work, and keep costs in check. To learn more, contact us today!

Four Reasons to Quit Your Job

What criteria can you use to determine if you have been with the same company too long? We’ve all been there, for me it was recently and I haven’t looked back.

A friend of ours, an investment manager at a highly regarded company in the Midwest, who drove to work one morning, parked his car in the usual spot, and then found he simply could not bring himself to get out of the car. “I guess I stayed on the farm one day too long,” he joked later. When we asked him what went wrong, he answered, “It wasn’t one thing. It was everything.” No wonder he drove home and called in his resignation. Continue to article>

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