Main Street Jewelry’s New Website Sparkles with My Blue Robot

For more than 10 years, the professional jewelers at Main Street Jewelry have been delighting their customers by bringing together their mechanical and artistic expertise to create custom pieces that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and very wearable, too.

With a loyal customer base, this independently owned jewelry store was looking to grow, and needed a custom website as beautiful as his merchandise to do it.

He turned to the professionals at My Blue Robot, who created a website with eye-catching images and compelling text that rivals the store’s big chain competitors. To reinforce Main Street Jewelry’s position as a long-time member of the community, we even added a blog where the jeweler posts news of upcoming local events.

Find the website designed and coded by My Blue Robot, and written by our partner, Magpie Communications, at

How to Negotiate Practically Anything

Interview with an attorney who has an unconventional negotiating manner: kind, honest, and fair.

Advice from Bob Woolf, the man who’s closed deals for everyone from Larry Bird to Gene Shalit.

If you’re like most people, you don’t like to negotiate. It’s confrontational, unfriendly, sometimes downright mean. What’s more, if you don’t do it right you stand to get beat, which will cost you. And you’re pretty sure you don’t do it right.

Bob Woolf no doubt has mixed feelings about all this. On the one hand, he wants to strip negotiating of its (he thinks) undeserved terror. He’s quick to tell you that 95% of the folks you’ll ever negotiate with feel just as you do: scared. On the other hand, fear of negotiation has made Woolf rich.


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