January 13, 2015 Chris Nesci

Why you need video in your marketing plan.

Video: Compelling Content, Emotional Connections, and a Great Way to Boost SEO

Every marketing professional knows that video can be one of the most powerful vehicles to communicate compelling content and create emotional connections. But increasingly, video is becoming a strategic and vital approach to effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Why? In 2011, Google changed its search algorithms to prioritize video in its rankings, in an effort to curb sites that attempted to manipulate search results by keyword stuffing. The new algorithm, known as Panda, prioritizes video that is content rich and compelling, so the more quality videos and the longer your visitors stay on your page, the better your ranking.

At the same time, YouTube has quickly become the world’s second most popular search engine (after Google), making this video-driven social media outlet a powerful marketing tool. But with six billion hours of YouTube videos watched each month, and 100 new hours of video content uploaded every minute, how do you get your video to stand out?

At My Blue Robot, we understand that it all begins with great video content. Your video must be fun, entertaining, informative and/or useful, with a strong call to action. But the creative work is just the start. We also understand how to title, tag, describe and transcribe your videos with keyword-rich content that makes your videos searchable and ultimately, highly watchable.

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