January 12, 2015 Chris Nesci

Want to Launch a Successful Communications Campaign? It All Starts with a Plan.

An effective communications/marketing campaign must begin with an insightful strategy and plan. Who do you want to reach? What are your most important messages? What tools can we use to reach those key audiences with the right messages at the right time?

At My Blue Robot, we work with our clients through a series of brainstorming and planning sessions to develop a Strategic Communications/Marketing Plan that answers these questions and many others.

When completed, the plan becomes our “playbook” that defines every aspect of the campaign, ensuring that the entire organization is aligned around a consistent effort before the campaign begins.

Our Communications Plans include:

  • Clearly defined sets of key messages and topics
  • Prioritized lists of your target audiences
  • Lists of communication vehicles (like social media, your website, etc.) that are already in place to share your message
  • Lists of any additional communication vehicles we may need to add
  • Definitions of communication assets that currently exist (like executive photos, logos or brand videos) that we can leverage in the campaign, and any additional assets we may need to create
    Implementation schedules for the campaign
  • Calendars that defines key actions week-by-week that will keep your campaign moving forward quickly and effectively